Book Review: The Last One At The Party by Bethany Clift

The Last One At The Party is an explosive debut that will tug at your heartstrings from page one and never let go.

Let me start by telling you one thing – This book made me cry within 50 pages. Books never make me cry, it is very rare that I’ll even laugh out loud. I maintain a straight face and feel all my emotions within my head. The Last One at the Party changed that.

I became so consumed within this book, that I didn’t even notice until I reached the end that you never learn the protagonist’s name. How could I have connected with someone and became so wrapped up in their journey without even having a name to call them by? That’s how good Bethany Clift’s writing is – She has created a dystopian world with a relatable protagonist that speaks her mind, in both heartbreaking and hilarious ways.

What makes The Last One At The Party feel so real, is that it’s set in the near future, and even references Coronavirus and the horrific year that was 2020. A virus named 6DM (Six Days Max – Aptly named as six days is the longest anyone has survived before succumbing to the illness) has ravaged the world, and the protagonist is the only person not affected.

Her priorities change, and she spends a lot of time reflecting through her memories as she tries to process the new normal, watching how the world changes without humanity in it, and seeing where, if anywhere, she can fit. Sure, she can now have everything she ever wanted – Cars, handbags, hotel stays, but is it worth it without no one to enjoy the experience with? No buzz of conversation around her, no cars passing by?

Bethany Clift has taken the raw emotion that worldwide trauma brings and progressed it to something that is both unimaginable and yet imaginable in the same breath. After the past year, we can all relate to loss and fear in some way, and this is what helps this story pack the punch it does. 6DM is a horrendous disease, the effects of which are hard to read about, but seeing it through eyes that are forever adjusting, makes this book absolutely impossible to put down.

I can’t wait to read further books by Bethany Clift – She is definitely an author to remember.

5 out of 5 stars

2021 Reading Challenge – Book 8 out of 50

P.S The Waterstones Exclusive Edition of this book has the most beautiful neon pink edges ever.

P.P.S My spine was upside down on my version and I absolutely love it!

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